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New UI for Raidix Storage System

Raidix is an effective storage solution system used in large Russian companies. Following the strategic decision to launch the product on the international market for small video studios, the system required a completely new web interface.

The dashboard allows the system administrator to answer the main question of “how are we doing” and also performs the most common actions:

In the old UI, creating new storage took about 20 clicks on different pages. Now you can do it in one click (advanced options are still available):

RAID-systems have a lot of settings and it is easy to get confused. The new UI is built around the goals of the user, so everything necessary for the current operation is always on hand and available on a single screen:

System statistics are displayed as easy charts and comes with a set of filters:

About the Project

The old UI was ugly, unusable, and it was built on an unsuitable platform. Therefore, the Raidix management allowed me to make radical changes based on the idea of Goal Centered Design. First, we made a user-friendly interface, and only then began to think about how to implement it. As a result, we had to switch to a different software platform.

Release 2012.

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