MOBI.Money Mobile Payments System

We created MOBI.Money to allow people to make payments through their mobile phones by sending an SMS. This was long before Apple and Google Pay, and mobile payments were not generally used at the time. With MOBI.Money, one could use their telephone number to log in, while the mobile phone account served as a wallet. 2007 release

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To make the payment system as easy as it can possibly be for mobile phone users.

My contribution


Payment Process

This payment method is very straightforward with no excess details. The most important information is in the yellow box. Let’s try and transfer the money from a BeeLine mobile account to MTS. All you need to do is enter both phone numbers and the amount you want to transfer:

To confirm the payment, you need to enter your password, which is sent to you in an SMS message. Registration is not required, it happens automatically during the first payment:

The payment has gone through successfully. A minute ago, you entered the website for the first time, and now you already have an account and a payment history:

Instant money transfers from a mobile phone account

In 2008, sending money to your relatives was somewhat complicated. We proved, however, that it can be done in less than one minute using a mobile phone account.

Here’s what the service looks like. An explanatory note is followed by the transfer wizard with the phone number, the amount to be transferred and the sender’s details:

Next is the payment confirmation. A one-time password is sent in an SMS message to the telephone number indicated in the transfer wizard:

Now the payment is completed. Step 3 display information about how to receive the money transfer. There is also an option to print the confirmation and information about how to repeat the transfer:

P.S. I presented this concept at one of the UX conferences and I remember some people laughing at it, saying that no bank would ever allow such a transaction. But it worked, and the service operated successfully until we sold it to BeeLine.