Wow-Score is a metric for measuring reader engagement

When creating the SEMrush Community, we wanted to be able to understand which of our posts are interesting to our readers and which aren’t. Likes, shares and other social media voting metrics aren’t the best fit for this — people often ‘like’ a post without even reading it. We needed an algorithm for measuring reader engagement, something unbiased, quick and universal for all types of content. This is how we came up with Wow-Score. 2016 release


To find a discreet way to measure reader engagement.

Why other metrics aren’t as reliable

Understanding whether an article is engaging seems like an easy thing to do. But it only seems that way. Here’s why the conventional metrics fail to measure reader engagement:

How does Wow-Score work?

As a result, we know which articles are more interesting to readers. Each article gets a Wow-Score ranging from 0 to 100.

On the Semrush blog we use Wow-Score to rate our authors: