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Instant Money Transfers via Mobile Phones

Money transfers are generally very difficult in the eyes of the user. We have proven that this is not true and that you can transfer money from your mobile phone account in less than a minute. I talked about this at a UX conference and some laughed, saying, “it impossible for reasons of security”. But it really did work successfully until we sold it Beeline.

Here is the main page of the service. There are a few lines of explanation, and then the money transfer form: the mobile number, the amount, and the name of recipient:

The next step is the payment confirmation. Since a mobile phone account is a source of money, we automatically send the one-time password by SMS (there is no sign up at all):

That's it! The transfer is completed. The third step shows information about where and to whom the money gets sent. It is also possible to print the check. There is also information about how to repeat the transfer via a mobile phone (without website):

About the Project

Money transfers via mobile have been implemented by MOBI.Money. I designed UI and managed the development. After several months of successful operation, the service became part of the mobile operator Beeline.

Release 2010.

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