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Successful UI Concept for the Nurses’ Workplace

This conceptual interface was created to replace an obsolete one. Procedural nurses should quickly determine the necessary medical tests. In order to do so, they should know the answers to many questions: how fast a particular test takes, if it is compatible with other tests, if the patient can eat before the test, etc. This new UI helps to get all the answers without any extra clicks.

There was a search engine to find existing patients in the old system. However nurses often neglected to use this option and re-entered patient data, creating duplicates in the database. This problem has been resolved in the new UI — the system suggests existing entries as you type:

The screen is divided into four vertical areas: order workflow, the nurse’s working area, contextual information for nurses, and reminders for the patient:

If the test name is unknown, the nurse can use the catalog. The catalog has a standard classification of tests, and provides a common set of tests, for example, for some medical grouping:

About the Project

I created this concept while in presale. The customer liked our user-centered approach a great deal and we got not only one, but three orders. Then the UI design was executed by another designer, so I'm showing only one concept.

Release 2011.

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