My Reports — PDF Reports Builder

How do SEO specialists report on their results? The most common way is by using a PDF report. If you’re an SEO expert, no matter if you’re a freelancer or working in an agency, don’t get paid until you provide your client with a PDF report. I know quite a few SEOs who spent hours and hours of their time pulling together different graphs into a Word document just to be able to report on their progress. To make their lives easier, we created a PDF reports builder, which does it all automatically. 2014 release


Our goal was to help SEO specialists who use SEMrush for their work, to create nice-looking reports automatically.

My contribution


P.S. When I started at SEMrush, I was in charge of two products. After two years, I passed My Reports over to another product owner so that I could focus on building the SEMrush Community.