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Mobile Payment System — MOBI.Money

MOBI.Money is a payment system via a mobile phone account. We abolish a main obstacle of the user — signing up. As a result, the Conversion Rate to web payment was a fantastic 75%.

The most popular services are on the main page:

This is a payment form with all the excess removed. Important information is highlighted on a yellow background. Let’s try to transfer money from your Beeline mobile account to your friend's MTS account. Just enter the two phone numbers and the transfer amount:

To confirm the payment you must enter the password that is sent to you via SMS. No sign up is required; it is automatically part of this first payment:

The payment has been successfully completed. A minute ago you first came to the website and you already have a personal account and payment history. You can change your password if you want or you can get a new one every payment:

About the Project

Internet banking in Russia is poorly developed. The MOBI.Money mobile payment system was conceived as a simple and fast alternative that allows you to pay without frustration. In this company I was the head of the usability department.

Release 2008.

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